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OrderSom! - A Contactless order experience

Get orders like a

More orders, less stress.
More income, less commission you pay.
More customers, less staff.

order with

QR code

All your offers are presented to the customer by just scanning your store’s QR-code. No app needed.

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Even if you have only one employee in the shop, customers will still be able to enjoy their orders with just a few taps on the phone. 

Scan, order, and pay. How simple is that?

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Upgrade your restaurant

Let customers know when their order is ready.


“I paid too much to the order platforms and my customers are not happy with the waiting time.  OrderSom! solved both problems.”

Cafe owner in Amsterdam
our bold vision

Pay less, get more.

Custom services and solutions built specifically for your business

You got all your money

Get more orders without paying for platform commissions on percentages. Transparent pricing, no surprising costs.

Fewer staff needed

Scan, order and pay. Your business is sure to run well with OrderSom!, even when there is limited staff available.

Manage all at one place

Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Thuisbezorgd... you name it. Manage them all on a single dashboard, and save money on other devices.

Customized order experience

Our designers will adapt your brand identity to your order menu, where we can customize the ordering process for your customers at minimal costs.


You may have your OrderSom! shop exactly the way you want, and we help you to make it happen.


We simplify the ordering process according to your business, while also maximizing the chances of a great order experience for your customers. We make sure you learn the Ordersom! ordering system within 1 hour.


We do not charge a percentage from your sales; no hidden costs. We make sure every cent you earn goes to you.

Future proof

Are you also preparing for the Post-Covid era? We are here to assist! We will always help you to improve your shop to face the challenges in the near future.

Why choose OrderSom!

What is it?

Are you moving your business online and looking for an easy and affordable solution? Are you selling on platforms such as Uber Eats but the costs are high? Are your customers lining up for orders but you have limited staff available? 

Then OrderSom! is the platform you need.
What do you get from OrderSom!

Top features

Order with QR code

Scan, order, and pay. No fancy magic for your customers to learn.

No app

Why should a customer download an app for just ordering a coffee? With OrderSom! you can simply scan a QR code with your phone's camera, and place an order.

Waiting Line™ screen

The automatically updated order status is available on both big screens in your shop, and also on small screens like the phones of customers.


Dine-in, takeaway and delivery. Ordersom! Dashboard provides multi-functional methods for serving the order, and bringing the offline experience online.


Multi-role dashboards for the shop owner, waiter, and delivery person. The simple operational system powers different roles to focus on completing orders quick and efficiently.


iDeal, PayPal, Credit cards, Alipay and WeChat Pay... Everything is supported

Email notifications

Send an automatic invoice via Email to your customers which allows them to view the order details, contact information, or claim a refund.


We support many languages for you and your customers.

Coupons and gift cards

Set up customizable coupons and gift cards for your promotions, like the way you want it.

Manage all orders at one place


With the OrderSom! Dashboard you are able to manage your orders that are not only placed at your OderSom! shop, but also at other platforms such as UberEats, Deliveroo, and Thuisbezorgd. The order status of customers will also be presented on the big WaitingLine screen that is set-up in your shop.

Features that make this possible
Ordersom Dashboard Management edit order
The magic starts from here


No hidden costs, no surprising fees. You can always adjust your plans.

OrderSom! Dashboard

Manage all your orders from different platforms on one simple and elegant dashboard.

from € 55 / month
  • Order management
  • Product management
  • Business & revenue analysis
  • Mobile notifications
  • Support of multiple shops*
  • Support of hardware integrations
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OrderSom! Standard

From now on your customers will order like a pro.

from € 75 / month
  • Everything from "Dashboard"
  • Personalized webshop
  • Email notifications
  • QR code stickers
  • Online payment
  • Multiple check-out
  • Appointment system
  • Support of multiple shops
  • Support of WaitingLine screen
  • More...

OrderSom! Waiting Line™

Laore nascetur ridiculus mus. Maecenas faucibus mollis interdum.

80 / month
  • Everything from "Standard"
  • WaitingLine screen installation

Like Building Blocks,

You can simply add modules on top of your plan, such as a sticker printer, gift card, etc.
Introducing OrderSom! Team

Why us?

Ordersom! is a professional and efficient team formed by experts in the digital payment and software industry as project manager, product manager, webpage developer, UX designer, and marketing specialist. As your great assisting team, we are here to listen to your needs and help you to achieve your sales goal together! We provide more than just the software.

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